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Skilled Fingerprint Collection


Walk in services in our Bloomington MN office

Individual, Corporate and Executive needs and Government Contractors


  • MONDAY 9-6
  • TUES-THURS 9-4
  • FRIDAY 9-2


  • We specialize in MULTI STATE Healthcare fingerprinting
  • providing one easy solution for the fingerprints and photos
  • for all of your nationwide out of state requirements

Mobile On-site Nationwide Corporate Fingerprinting Services

NATIONWIDE fingerprint provider for some of the largest corporations and Healthcare providers in the United States

ARCHIVING services save you the inconvenience of being reprinted and actually saves you time and money

CUSTOMISE services based on your needs. Once we know what you need, we will assist you through the entire process for all your INK and Livescan requests, with any forms, with any chain of custody requirements. We have experience in all areas of fingerprinting. This service is offered in most states

ONSITE NATIONWIDE We make it convenient for the busy executive, board members, physicians, nurses and government contractors. If you have questions we can walk you through the process! INK or Livescan

LARGE GROUPS We can accommodate groups of 200- 300 in a one day session for fingerprints and some photos requirements

At Mobile Electronic Fingerprinting in Bloomington, Minnesota, we provide convenient mobile fingerprint collections in most locations, or you can come to our office. Our services meet the security and licensing requirements of all 50 states, and can ensure that you have all that you need.

Services Offered:

  • Ink rolled fingerprinting or Live Scan fingerprinting
  • Financial Industry– FINRA
  • TSA Electronic Submission for Airlines and Airports
  • Professional Traveling Teams for Large Jobs & Disasters or Emergency Situations ready to go
  • On-Site fingerprinting Services for any shift of the day
  • Daytime, Evening, & Weekend Hours to Cover All Shifts of Employment

Emergency Services:

We have traveling teams available for emergencies, latent print professionals or techni during disaster recovery.

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of certified, government-trained fingerprint auditors to oversee the collection at any site, for any agency. Auditors will review prints prior to submission, ensuring they are FBI-classifiable; and will review cards to ensure they are properly filled out; and to observe the process to ensure all security measures are taken to protect personal information.


Mobile Electronic Fingerprinting also provides training and certification for law enforcement and government agencies in fingerprint rolling, and in reviewing security-related issues in the industry. Training is provided by certified, government-trained professionals.

Specialized Services

We have traveling teams available for emergencies or large jobs during disaster situations to provide fingerprinting services or certified auditing at any collection site. We use specialized painless methods to collect from individuals with disabilities.

Leave the details to us, we can coach you through the process for each industry and for each state’s requirements. We print for any type of licensure and for the requirements of all states, though not all collection sites in the United States collect for Florida firearms or NATA compliance.

We print for most international purposes; however, additional fees will be charged for translation services as needed. We take care of individual needs, corporate requirements, government contract award recipients, and we print for state and federal government agency regulations.

Contact us to learn more about our skilled fingerprinting services.